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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Romance + luxury = Promnice

It is not a museum. It is ideal place for wedding party, romantic evening or banquette.

Photos should tell you more than my words.

It is historical hunting lodge of Duke of Pszczyna nowadays transforms into luxurious small hotel “Noma Residence****” and restaurant. Cozy athmosphere is created  by hiddenness of this place. It is situated really in the middle of forest. It doesn’t have any village or big road near. Only lake, birds and squirrels.

I suppose in all seasons here is beauty, but in the middle of autumn it was marvelous.

In this restaurant in 2003 was meeting of the Presidents of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Restaurant has several rooms: main, bar, breakfast room with different splendid interiors.

First this object looks scary just to enter if you are kind of volunteer without heavy purse.

Ok, prices are high here, but not so high as we can imagine thinking about such place.

Soup: 15 PLN = 3,6 €

Coffee: 9 PLN = 2,2 €

Main dish: 50-60 PLN = 12-15 €

Lunch (3 dishes): 49 PLN = 12 €

Maybe sometimes it is worth to feel yourself far from real life with dinner in McDonald’s and plunge into (I suppose) excellent service inside of royal surrounding celebrating special occasion. I didn’t, but I advise))

Photos of apartments from web-site charms. You can sleep in room, where in 19 cenruty prince and his guests rested. Hotel is able to invite at the same time only 26 persons (13 rooms).

Not having auto I think it’s impossible to reach this place. Of course, I know that my reader is creative and could find the way even without car.

You should turn from highway (highway 🙂 ) KatowiceBielsko-Biala after Tychy before Pszczyna to small road from right side. You will mention this turn near “girls”. Yepp… people with money turn here.

Any way check the map before. Web-site of complex.


Tyskie brewery. 6 PLN: glass of beer + souvenir beer glass + 2 hours guided tour through facotry

That is time to write about my the most relaxing sightseeing in Silesia.

All visits to tourists objects I do in my working time as volunteer of NGO. I like my job. I work hard.

If you have ever been in Poland – you know this picture:

Museum is the part of Silesian Industrial Monuments Route, as Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Gory, Gallery Szyb Wilson in Katowice, Museum of matches in Czestochowa.

So, what does my recent job include?

First we called 1,5 week in advance to brewery to book suitable time for guided tour. On web-site there is information that the trip could be in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian and in the Silesian dialect. We chose English.

I went by bus to Tychy – avarage-size city between Katowice and Bielsko-Biala, famous because of beer brand “Tyskie”, which translates from Polish “from Tychy”. Buses of KZK GOP public transport N 688, 788, Tychy public transport system bus N 1, 4. Check address.

Even if you go with closed eyes, you have no chance to miss this object – stong smell of mix of bread and … how to say … will show you the way to brewery and will not leave you all 2,5 hours)))

This brewery in Tychy is the biggest in Europe (not taking into consideration one in Russia). Big thing!

Sightseeing tour starts in museum part, which is situated just in the territory of factory. Museum is one room, tightly packed with multimedia devices.

Entrance to the museum:

First guide told us about what is beer itself: about 3 main components of beer:

I saw old bottles and glasses, historical logos of brands. As person with business management education I was interested in watching commercials of Tyskie brand.

3-D movie (not perfect quality, but OK) is also included. Promotion, promotion, promotion…

The biggest accent here is made on long history of brewery. It was established in 1629.

Attractions (I want to say “like for children”, but not – people under 18 are not allowed to visit museum) are provided, like taking of photo of you with Tyskie logo in huge barrel roll and send it immediatelly to e-mail. Funny))

This museum will entertain you as much as possible, guide will smile. And for sure you will mention the difference between state-owned museums and private business (actually the second largest beer corporation in the world) museum. Definitely fruitfull comparing experience.

Tour in part of real factory starts from old architectural buildings.

… where inside the first stage of brewing process is making. Here I got the answer to my old question: how does beer could be alcohol-free?

Later we were walking outside through territory of factory.

Also we were in production department, where it is prohibited to make photos – corporate secret. We saw real production lines, were bottles are running one by one, making big noise. Visitors walk in balcony and look down at production process and workers. Kind of zoo. I enjoy it.

And finally, tired of making pictures and asking questions, you come back to museum building, where in underground pub the glass of cold beer is waiting for you.

My presents:

What is marvelous in drinking 0,5 l of ordinary beer in ordinary pub? Nothing. But only not when you understand that this beer was produces by intellectual work of hundreds of people, and physical work of thousands of people. It is like to open Kinder Surprise – something is inside. And now you know what it is. Small beery magic.

So if one day you will be worker of corporation, who makes decision – establish such tours in your production. People are interested how do products appear in shelves of supermarket. To touch the history of ordinary stuff – it’s going to be modern fairly tale.




When I arrived to Poland it was June, I remember that the first day it was raining and my flat was cold. I had to wear long pyjama and buy two pairs of wool socks. I didn´t want to be in Poland !!

During a week it rained without stop and the storms were amazing. I haven´t seen the same before. I thought that the roof of my flat will fall down and that some thunder come to me in the street.

An experience happened to me with a friend from Ukraine (Oksana Bondar) : There was the day when Spanish football team played the final of European Cup. We wanted to see the football match in Spodek but it was impossible. We were waiting there for a long time under a roof and finally we decided to go home. The Sky in Katowice was black, orange, brown, the sun umbrellas in Spodek were fall down, the windy destroyed everything… DISASTER! and when we arrived to home it was the second part of football match. Spain won European Cup but still was raining till midnight.



I remember that I was talking with my flatmate about my Grandmather. She hates storms and when storm is coming, she is going to her bed and she is keep herself under the blanket until when this storm dissapear. I was imagining me all summer in my room without nothing to do. But the weather changed.

Changed but strange!

The mornings were warm and Maria wear summer clothes. In the office break Carolina (Volunteer of Bona Fides), Tetiana and me went to buy our ice-creams… delicious!!. but the evening started to rain and Maria didn´t know what to wear. During June and July this is was the weather in Poland.


In the beggining of August the summer started and we were swimming in Gliwice. There were a lot of people there. It´s some kind of swimming pool and it´s cheaper.


I need the sun for survive and I think Polish people too.

But why Polish women have dark skin? aa I know it´s not because they took sun it´s because they spent a lot of money in Rayos V. Also now I can understand better how the weather influence in their caracter and for this reason when they are going abroad they come to Poland fell in love with this country and with the sun of south of Europe, but for some of them it´s difficult to go in summer because they can´t even breathe there.

Having in August, one week ago the weather changed again, one night I wear a dress which one it´s for summer and also summer shoes and suddenly started to rain to much and during all night.

I am used to have this climate but my friend from Spain became to be ill and he decided to go at home. During these last weeks I wear all kind of clothes, socks, coats, jerseys, I used umbrella, scarf…

A girl from Poland being in Wroclaw told me that summer in Poland is finished… but how I can believe her? Yesterday when I woke up and I look on my window there were people in front of my room taking a sun in the garden.

Are they crazy I thought?

Nie Nie. It was 28ºC so I decided to wear my bikini and go to some lake near to Nikiszowiec. When I arrived there a lot of people were enjoyed this day. It was wonderful, colourful. The people were fishing, eating, drinking, playing. The animals jumping of happiness and I was lying with my book, my food and thinking about myself. During 4 hours I was there and I was the girl more happy in this world just with shining sun but….





Which weather it will be tomorrow?? Surprise, Surprise.

I will be ready step by step.

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Nice short promotion movie of Silesia

Watch it!

Little naive and too much official, but still shows main directions, where local authorities want to develop the region.

This movie is made by Silesia Tourist Organization.

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Welcome to the blog about Silesia region, Poland

We are two voulunteers: Maria from Spain and Tetiana from Ukraine, who work in NGO “Bona Fides Association” in Katowice, Silesia region, Poland. Aim of our project is to promote Silesia region. We will write about all interesting places in Silesia, which are worth to visit.

We realize, that in internet you can find a lot of information about sightseeing in Silesia. And our idea of creation of this blog is to give you fresh look, personal attitude and fair assessment.

Also we thought that it could be interesting for you to read the opinion of foreigner about the country. Foreigners are not spoiled with local beauty, not bored of local landmarks, have different background and real interest.

About authors:


Hi, I’m from Ukraine, Yevpatoriia – cute Black sea summer resort in the Crimea (Krym). I am 22 years now, and I work as volunteer in Poland, Katowice. And this is the best work ever – our job is to be a tourist. We travel to different cities in Silesia region and write in this blog our impressions. Hard work, isn’t it?! 🙂

I was studing Management in Kyiv – Ukrainian capital, big city, full of different people,  which changed my life greatly. I start my university when I was 16 years – it is not typical. You know, I was happy to be adult, live without parents – in 16 it is the best what life can propose you. I spent adveterous years living in student dormitory – 4 girls in one room – that is a challange definetly. I took part in events of touristic club: I was hiking in mountains, kayaking in rivers, visiting folk music festivals.

Journeys inspire me much. Sometimes I like sleeping in tent, hitchhiking and travel in crazy way. Another time I like visit museums, buy postcads, eat traditional food in restaurants and listen to street musicians. All the time I am curious in new places, try to meet local people and find in the city something what is original, new and hidden.

Last 3 years I start to  interest in work of non-governmental organizations – work of people, who try to change lifes of other people, make society more liberal and fair. I chose this volunteering, because my employer is a watch-dog organization, which by their monitoring activities pushes local goverment to work better. So I moved to Katowice, here I am, and part of my work is to write this blog.

Before my volunteering I was in Poland 2 times for trainings. Country is quite similar to Ukraine, but still I see differences. And Silesia is the great place in Poland for exploring because it has mix of cultures, you can find here and mountains and flatland, industrial districts and small authentic villages, sanctuarities and modern street art.



Did you hear to speak about Spain? Red bleed run for our veins and yellow color shine with intensity in our territory.
Did you hear to speak about ” Pen of Andalucía”? It is the place more warm situated in the south of Spain. It is compose for seven provinces and one of them has a special color “SEVILLA”.  Here you have a Sevillian girl, fall in love with her earth and “flamenco” it her inspiration.

I am Maria José and I live in small village “Casariche”. We are leaders in olive, wine and jam. The “siesta” (sleep after lunch an hour; 15.30-4:30) it our tradition and “tapas” our delirium. I have been studying Environmental Science during four years in Granada. This city it is really meaningful for me and I invite you to visit it.

Being in Granada I decided to have a change in my life. I had the opportunity to study abroad and I didn´t lose it. After long time thinking about which country, my departure, family, etc, etc I had the best experience in my life and It was in a Baltic Country …Estonia!!. I was living in a medieval city, with freeze sea and with hard winter… Can you guess?? It was TALLIN. Love with their costumes, fighting with their language and travelling in the north of Europe, I can said that I will never forget this amazing year. After a year my Erasmus life finished and I had to go back to Spain. It wasn´t easy for me to get used again to my life in Spain, but I had to finish my studies.  I finished and then it was time to find some job…. but  I got??? Unfortunately not. I was teaching different subjects for kids, I was au pair.. but I didn´t want this future.

Through of my friend, I listened to talk about EVS.. what it is? European Volunteer Service! …umm interesting… my next goal. It wasn´t easy to find the country, the project which I wanted but I was completely sure that I could. After two months fill in different agreements, sending CV.. my luck came!!… Bona Fides Association accepted me and right now I am living in Katowice, Poland.  I will be volunteer for 8 months and monitoring different places in Silesia region it´s my aim. I will try to improve all possible places for foreign tourist and in this blog I will put part of my experiences.
If can help you in something… It will be a pleasure !!



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