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About us

Hello, we are 2 volunteers of NGO “Bona Fides”: Tetiana from Ukraine and Maria from Spain. We work and live now in Poland, Upper Silesia region, Katowice. We write this blog to share with you our experience of discovering  Silesia: popular tourist sights, unknown nice places, our view of Polish lifestyle and just our opinion as foreigners about Silesia. We want to promote Upper Silesia region and attract tourists here.

We try to write unique material, not just copy Wikipedia or other sites. We are not professional photografers, but we upload only our pictures, or photos of our friends, who allow us to use them.

You can “Like” facebook page of this blog and read fresh posts.

We would be glad to read messages from you: what is interesting, what is not, your propositions, or just Hello.


More about us as personalities, our life and how this happen that we appeared in Poland read our introduction article.


Have a good day!

Warm regards,

Tetiana and Maria

14 responses to “About us

  1. Gabi says:

    There are many more things to see. Let’s start with Planetarium in Chorzów, Greenhouse in Gliwice or old, historic rail in Racibórz. Oh, and an old castle in Chudów.

    • silesiaexplorer says:

      Thank you for advice. And the city Racibórz itself looks beautiful on pictures in google))) We should visit!
      Once in summer we wanted to go to Palmiarnia in Gliwice, but it was under renovation. Hope it is already finished. Now when it is cold to find yourself inside of tropic flowers would be even more impressive.

  2. Piotr says:

    Hello Tetiana and Maria
    I do not know what places you have visited already in Upper Siliesia, so if you will write some informations about it maybe I can help you in visit some other places.

  3. Piotr says:

    Hello it is me again

    I looked trough your blog and now I can propose visiting following places (if you have no been there):
    1) Museum in Gliwice and generally places around market square;
    2) Palace in Pszczyna;
    3) “Sztolnia czarnego pstrąga” (adit of the black trout) in Tarnowskie Góry;
    4) Bread Museum in Radzionków;
    5) Power industry museum in Łaziska Górne;
    7) Mining museum in Zabrze;
    8) Fire-brigade museum in Mysłowice;

    Looking for reply.


    • silesiaexplorer says:

      Thank you for advice. We plan to visit Pszczyna now in October, when yellow trees in park are perfect for photos. And museum of bread for sure must be entertaining place, I wrote that you can try to make your own bread by hands! We have already been in Zabrze in coal mine, now the article is waiting to be published. In our facebook page we have already photos from mine
      It was great experience!
      About “Sztolnia czarnego pstrąga”, how do you think, is it not boring to come to this place after Silver Mine, also in Tarnowskie Gory?
      What is exact name of museum in Gliwice?

      Warm regards

      • Piotr says:

        Museum in Gliwice consists of:
        Castle of Piasts;
        Radiostation Gliwice – provocation in 31.08.1939;
        Willa Caro;
        Artistic alloys department.

        In case of “Sztolnia czarnego pstrąga” mabe it is boring I do not know – you row by the boat in underground tunnel.

        By the way – I will have some days off my work, so if you need some help you do not hesitate to ask ;).


    • silesiaexplorer says:

      Piotrek, What do you think about join us on Friday 26 Oct to go to Pszczyna?

  4. Tomasz Muzyka says:

    Hi girls!
    I see You already visited Bielsko-Biała, and only Szyndzielnia ? and what about Bolek i Lolek ? There is a lot more and I can show You around. Maybe you are familiar with couchsurfing,org it is a best platform to meet locals who have time to share and meet new people. Hope to see You again in BB. Tom.

    • silesiaexplorer says:

      Hi Tom! No, we didn’t visit the city Bielsko-Biala yet. But we want! In my childhood in Ukraine I was watching Bolek i Lolek!! I don’t remember, but I had loved that cartoon)))) Thank you for suggestion to show us around, we will contact you, so check your e-mail, or give your other contact. I’m also the member of couchsurfing already for 2 years, used it in Poland and abroad. I just love it

  5. Piotrek says:

    Hello girls!

    I know you have already visited Szyndzielnia but if you would like to have another trip there, this time with a mountain guide, you are welcome to this trip:

    It’s a trip with long history, organized by a non-profit student organization “Student Mountain Guide Association” from Gliwice. This year, also in cooperation with Tourist Club of Medical University of Silesia. There will be 3 different routes. One of them will be guided in English, mostly for Erasmus students from Silesia, but everyone can join. If you wish, you can also choose other roots to see new places (one route starts from visiting this castle in Grodziec: [,69]). The latter 2 routes are guided in Polish, but there will be so many young people participating that I am sure most of them speak English and will help you understand the guide.

    P.S. In February, we are organizing next trip to Beskidy – our “Winter Trip”. You are WARMLY*** welcome! Here is a video from last year’s Winter Trip:

    *** = take warm cloaths 🙂

    Greetings for Bona Fides!


    • silesiaexplorer says:

      Hello Piotrek!
      WOW! Thank you for invitation. So it is on this Saturday?! So soon. Will people have some organized bus from Katowice? How to get to Bielsko-Biala? What does price 30 PLN include?
      I think we are not so brave to go in winter time))) But Saturday could be. Do you go? Though weather on Saturday should be really cold. We will freeze even not in February)))

      How do you know Bona Fides?

      • Piotrek says:

        Yes, it’s on this weekend. There will be no bus, but we will go by train from Katowice. We meet at 9 a.m. at the railway station – meeting point is a place in front of station building, beside ticket sales containers. The price includes accomodation, guide, warm dinner and some attractions in the mountain hut on Saturday evening. I will be participating in this trip but I will most likely go by bike and join the group in the evening 🙂 If you wish to sign up, send an e-mail to You will get an answer with more details (things to take, phone number to the guide – just in case, etc.).

        I know Bona Fides because one of my friends worked there some time ago.

  6. Hi girls,

    This is so interesting what you’re doing!
    I am also into Silesian travels a lot, but from a different perspective – I was born here. However, I do think that this region has a lot to offer.
    But I never heard of organizations you work for.

    I was wandering if you would find some time for coffee together to have a chat. I would really love to meet you and hear your story.
    We could meet some place in Katowice.

    What do you say?


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