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St. Anna Church (Zabrze)

on October 11, 2012

One of the most beauty Parafia that I have visited in Silesia region is in the small city call Zabre.

If you take the bus number 870 and 840 from Katowice Stawowa to Zabrze, around thirty minutes you will be there.

It´s easy to find  this place because  is situated close to bus station and railway, in the street 3 Maja. You must walk around 15 minutes and you will be surprise.

In the year 1897-1900 in neo-Romanesque style was building this church in the middle of Zabrze. Present neo-Gothis elements and up you can observe a white small clock, typical in most of churchs in Poland.

It´s surrounded by a green garden with many trees. In summer it´s really relaxing place.

If you have the opportunity to go inside,  there is a fine interior full of red brick arches with ornamental stone detailing and gold leaf wall highlights. Take a look at the numerous semicircular stained glass windows depicting saints.

I remain impressed about this church maybe for where it is situated or maybe for the color. Just I can say that if you are going to Zabrze it´s a pity to miss this place. It´s perfectly conserved and usually it´s the place where the peoples choose for pray.

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