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Stained glass windows (vitrage) in St. Mary’s Church (Kościół Mariacki) in Katowice

on September 27, 2012

Mariacki Kosciol is the church impossible to miss in Katowice. Because it is situated on Mariacka street – street of pubs, restaurants and pub. Each city has such street, where young and not-young people hang out, make noise and just arrange appointments.

Mariacki church in Katowice despite rich history and so one is nothing special – like all other churches in Silesia. But. Take a look at these stained glass windows!

Vitrages have pictures of domestic animals:











I was in this church several times and only after some visit mentioned these fauna and flora vitrages. Angels, saint people and Bible stories are everywhere – but nature – only in Katowice.

10 responses to “Stained glass windows (vitrage) in St. Mary’s Church (Kościół Mariacki) in Katowice

  1. i says:

    Hello Tetiana, I stumbled upon your blog through Facebook. Well done! I really like what you’re doing, I think it’s great you’re taking time to promote Silesia. I was born there spent most of my life. At the moment I’m living in Ireland. How much longer are you staying in Katowice? All the best and good luck in continuing your blog 🙂

    • silesiaexplorer says:

      Thank you for warm words! We are very happy to get feedback. Where did you live exactly in Silesia? What is your favourite place here? We will stay in Katowice till February 2013 – the time we will write this blog as part of our work. Later I hope we can continue))

  2. zawe says:

    What do you want to see most?

    We have also beatifull jewish cementary, a nice churches (the last wooden church in Bytom: – great industrial buildings, but also great old shops like here:, and the best modern gallery in Silesia – Kronika.
    What about palace?
    Maybe little secession?

    What do you want to see most, how many time you have – and give me little time 🙂

    contact with me: oraz

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