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Galeria Szyb Wilson – NIKISZOWIEC

on September 20, 2012

If you are going to Nikiszowiec and you find colourfull walls, wonderful drawing on the walls and caracteristics doors, you are lucky because you are in Galeria Szyb Wilson.

Go inside and enjoy!

Situated in Oswobodzenia street Nº 1 (Nikiszowiec).

Just north of the centre of Nikiszowiec (3km by official measure), this seemingly obscure and certainly underappreciated modern art gallery is arguably Katowice’s best art space and one of the primary highlights of a trip to Nikiszowiec.

How to arrive there??

  • Get on the bus number 30 in Aleja Korfantejo street and get off in Szopienicka street.
  • Get on the bus number 12 in Warszawska street ( Damrota bus stop) and get off in Lwowska street.

If you need more information or it´s not clear for you. Search here

The gallery itself comprises an impressive 2,500 square metres divided into three halls. Full of seriously bonkers, yet compellingly high quality sculpture, graphic and installation art by both local and international artists, exhibitions change regularly with permanent installations – some disturbing, some playful, some political – hidden throughout the dozens of small nooks spidering throughout the building. The closest thing to a contemporary art museum in Katowice, it’s an admirable and highly recommendable venue.


If you have trash at home, if you love pick up things on the street and you don´t know what to do it with them, go to the museum and give to them. They will make different furnitures, painting, etc without sense, but for your eyes can be amazing and it will give you new inspirations.

They were my favourite!!


About a 5 rooms are decorated in different styles, sometimes hard to find its meaning and inspired by different topics. Observed the different objects and perhaps you become to be an artist for a moment.


Walking around the museum and introducing yourself in the several rooms, you will find old objects, sculputers done in wood, with ceramic but most of them related with religion.

The pics situated in the middle show a violin made in in wood and by hand. Also is painted with different colours and in differents forms. Nice to see.

Almost there are about thousands painting or I think even more. They are showing different country, different personalities, forms, style, colors, etc and on them I observed a green point between the number. It´s mean that they had a competitions between them. The painting which have this point mean that it´s one of the best in all gallery.

For me it´s was interesting to find a Spanish painters. Not just one, maybe four. I felt identified. Most of them show sun, sea, green, the typical spanish food and different traditions about my country.


                                                                                                        This is my favourite !!! I love it

                                                                                I will make it for my future house for sure.


Outside you can spend some time as well enjoying their wonderful arts.

Sometimes they have events, concert.. In that day it was concentration of motorcycles.  SUPER !

For the end Remember that it´s for free

Open: 09:00 – 19:00 every day, including weekend.

Dive deeper

You will spend good time!

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