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Szczyrk: 2 hours from Katowice – you are in mountains

on August 1, 2012

Szczyrk is quite famous Silesia ski resort. All ski resorts in summer time transform to hiking resorts.

Szczyrk is situated in the Beskids (pol.Beskidy) mountains. Beskids are stretching through Poland, Slovakia, Czech and Ukraine.

The best way to come to Szczyrk is first to come to Bielsko-Biala (pol. Bielsko-Biała). Szczyrk is near at hand from Bielsko.

In village you can find thematical restaurants with Polish food, concerts of folk music, fair with traditional souvenirs. But we came here not for this. Mountains are waiting for us.

In Szczyrk take chair-lift to the mount Skrzyczne (price 12 PLN). Please, not forget to take warm clothes. Wind is blowing, and in the middle of July here was +14C.


Riding a  lift you observe perfect view to neighbourhood and feel flying. Under your legs you find stumps, fallen trees, green grass, around you – high firtrees.

And breath! Air is fresh and clear here. Seems like you can drink the air.

Lift drives you out of civilization, far far away. Leave all your problems below, and go to pure nature closer to sky.


Getting off the lift you find charming beautiful landscapes. Green, grey and blue colors.

From the top you start your way along one of several trails. You can choose wide road, which is used for bicycles and ski, or tiny snaky  track, where your legs will be scratched by blueberry bushes. Blueberries are everywhere! Try this healthy and tasty berry – your fingers will be blue.

Night comes here unexpectedly. Once you admire magnificent sunset, pick up healing herbals (lift stops work at 19:00), and next moment – darkness. So don’t forget to take with you to mountains a relaible  person, who will not panic and search for the path to village together with you.

Enjoy your trip. But I advice you to behave carefully and respectfully to nature here. This forest is a mystery forest. Here gnomes and leprechauns are living. If you disturb them – they will get angry, send rain and storm to you. But being calm and kind-hearted they could play funny games with you, invite you to their houses and show forest treasures.

Szczyrk is definitely a good choice for weekends. Before you can check web-site of Szczyrk – it looks useful.

10 responses to “Szczyrk: 2 hours from Katowice – you are in mountains

  1. Kuba says:

    Hi! I’m Kuba, we met each other on Skrzyczne, do you remember?

    Here’s the photo of us 🙂

  2. Kuba says:

    It’s not very far, it is nearer than Ustron, where we went to that day and this is the photo of the lake:

    Walking in the dark could be great adventure, but also could be a bit dangerous. Next day after we met, I met three photographers who were walking up the mountain in the night and lost each other. They are on the photos in my album.

  3. silesiaexplorer says:

    All three of them lost each others?
    That’s true. For us journey at night was at least very stressful. We were walking down like 2 hours. Hopefully weather was good – no wind and no rain.

  4. zwolinux says:

    One man lost two others. And I saw the moment when they met him on the moutain and greet him “nice to see you back.”

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