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Będzin castle

on July 9, 2012

Bendzin (pol. Będzin) is small town in Katowice agglomeration.

Będzin Castle is the part of the Trail of Eagle’s Nest – trail of 25 Middle Ages castles, situated between Kraków and Częstochowa. Our article about another object of this trail Olsztyn you can find here.

Castle in Będzin didn’t amaze me much. My German mate told me that she has two castles like this in her home town.

The castle is small, cute and well-ordered. As all castles, this lays on the mount, so you have good view to the castle from different parts of the town. Castle is situated inside the town, so I didn’t feel myself separated from city’s noise and didn’t plunge into history fully.

For me the most beautiful thing was sitting on bench in small internal courtyard, surrounded from all sides by walls. You feel yourself as little person inside of circle of walls.

Castle building consists museum. Inside museum you go up old wooden square stairs. On each floor you have small room with exhibition mostly of old armors and weapons. Also the exhibition is presented on stairs corridor.



Another part of castle is a tower with stairs, going round long, long way in limited narrow space. Going up or down your head will also go round. From the roof of tower you can observe view of neighborhood: pretty fields, villages, church,  roads, and some strange object, which my French friend called nuclear plant (truly it is coal-fired thermal power station).


Funny situation happened with me when I went to toilet in restaurant, which is situated underground in courtyard. The restaurant has knight’s style: rock walls, dark room, arms on walls, lighting in old-torch style, one small window, Middle age style music. I went upstairs to go out the restaurant, and I realized that large Middle age’s door is closed that I’m alone here, underground, surrounding dark illumination, with scared weapons on walls, with music – nobody will hear me, with small window, with squeezing rock walls.

Finally after not long time I was freed by very sorry waiter with cup of coffee for free. Equivalent moral suffering, hm…

It is fully impossible not to find this castle if you are already in Bendzin. Town is small, caste is visible from all sides.

I don’t know how the web-site of castle can help to ordinary tourist, but it is.

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